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Who Is Brandon?

He is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor as well as a licensed and ordained minister. Since Brandon began business in 2017, his portfolio has crossed the 7 figure mark spanning: property restorations, enhancements, consultations and damage appraisal, as well as business consulting & development; along with having reached 11 countries since starting ministry in 2010.

For the past 12 years, he's dedicated his life to his Isaiah 59:21 calling, reforming a masculine generation unto the development of new legacies, where the Spirit of the Lord coming upon men does not depart from their lineage, from generation to generation

Brandon now spends his time overseeing the furthering growth and development of his companies and non-profit organization based in Dallas, TX, with his goldendoodle buddy named Ryder, as well as working to become a published author of his first book.

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